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How to Clean a Stained Decking

Nothing will add character to your garden like a beautifully stained deck, but you need to make sure it stays that way! Factors like application, the materials used, or the climate can affect the exterior stain by 5 to 15 years! A decking is an investment to your house and by keeping it maintained it will help the finished product for years to come. If you are thinking of building a deck or have a deck that needs to be stained, this blog will help you on what you need!


You need to see whether your deck needs to be repaired before you start staining.

  • If you have rotten floorboard or splintered boards then these need to be repaired before staining.

  • Nail heads that have popped up need to be hammered down.

  • If the deck boards start to raise at an edge that might cause someone to trip it, these need to be fixed.

If you want to re-stain the deck using the same colour then try and use either a lighter or darker colour than the existing stain, and make sure you prepare the surface of the deck to receive the new stain and make sure proper adhesion. You can either scrub the decking surface by hand or use a power washer, depending on the size of your deck.

Power Wash

When using a power washer, you need to rinse the decking, a lot of power washers have an optional detergent feed built in as well. If you do have this option, then fill in the container with a deck cleaning agent to their instructions, this will dissolve and lift all traces of dirt from the surface of the wood.

If your decking still looks dirty after this then you might need to wash it again, especially if it has been over 7 years since the last staining. If you blast the debris off with a pressure washer then it can lift the grain of the wood and then leave a rough surface, this will then mean you need to sand the rest of the deck to make it smooth again.

Manually Clean

Mix together deck cleaner and water, to the instructions on the deck cleaner, and then apply it using a stiff brush, we think a broom works best for this. Start to work in manageable sections and then rinse each area with water when it has been completed.

No matter what method that you use, you need to let the wood dry before applying the new coat of stain. If you are using a water-based stain then the drying time is one or two days, however if you use an oil-based stain then you need to allow three days of dry weather.

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