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How to Improve your Lawn for Spring

To have a successful landscaping project you need have a head start before the growing season begins, so to have a healthy green lawn you need to get started now! We have put together 6 steps on how to prepare your lawn, so it is healthy all summer long.

Tune Up Your Lawnmower

Before you start doing anything to your lawn you need to make sure that your lawnmower is ready by giving it an early spring tune-up. To do this you can replace the spark plug, scrap it clean, sharpen the blades, change the oil etc. While you are doing this you could also tune-up your string trimmer and have plenty of cutting string on hand.

Clean Up Your Garden

Winter can make your garden messy, so start by cleaning up all of the mess that it has left on your lawn like twigs, stones and branches. Use a rake to gather the debris into a pile and then put the debris into a large tarp, this will make it easy to carry the debris off the lawn. Make sure you do all of this when the lawn is dry, if you do this on a damp lawn it can compact the soil and damage the grass roots.

Weed Growth

To stop weeds taking over your lawn use a pre-emergent herbicide. This weed controller will prevent weed seeds and will reduce the number of dandelions, crabgrass and other weeds. These weed controller will be effective for around 3 months, so you will have to apply it again in the summer.


Apply a fertiliser in the spring, as what you treat your lawn with is really important, we think a slow-release fertiliser gives the best results. The nutrients that are needed break down over a period of time, so you won’t have to keep applying the fertiliser.

Bare Spots

You need to treat bare spots with grass seed during the spring so the spots will be full of grass in Summer. Loosen the soil with a rake and then add an even layer of seed over the area, rake the seed into the soil, water and then cover with hay to discourage birds and rain from washing away the seeds. Depending on the weather you will start to see grass spouts in two to three weeks.

Trim the Grass

When it is time to mow your lawn raise the mowing deck to its highest setting as this will trim grass that is 3 or 4 inches high. If you cut the grass too short, then it will cause dull colour and stunted growth. When it comes to Summer, always trim off more than one-third of the grass-blade height at a time.

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