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What you Need in Your DIY Home Repair Tool Kit

When it comes to serious home repairs, you need a good tool kit to fix them! No matter what sort of home you live in, at some point you will have to repair something in your home. By having a set of tools, you will avoid high bills from professional technicians, as well as a confidence boost!

Essential Home Repair Tools

You will need to buy these tools before or as soon as your get your new home. These tools will be able to let you hang picture, replace a kitchen or bathroom facet, tighten hinges, replace cabinet fixtures etc.

Claw Hammer: this is a basic hammer that you can use to pound and pull nails. Make sure you get one with a wrapped or cushioned handle to reduce vibrations and fatigue.

Screwdriver Set: make sure your set includes a flathead screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver, as these will help you for many years.

Adjustable Crescent Wrench: this tool has a grooved wheel which allows you to turn bolt heads, if you can’t find this specific wrench then general adjustable wrench’s work just as well.

Channellock Pilers: this tool lets you turn bigger items than the crescent wrench.

Tape Measure: it is best to buy a high quality right away as it will serve you for many years.

Level: make sure you choose a standard 24-inch bubble level.

Basic Renovation Tools

You will probably need to buy these tools within 6 months to a year after you have moved in. With these tools you will be able to paint a room, change door locks, put up shelves and many more DIY jobs.

Utility Knife & Blades: when looking for a utility knife, make sure you choose one that allows you to change the blade from the front, if you get one that you have to unscrew, it probably won’t last.

Ratchet Set: this is more of a car tool, however if you do need to turn long bolts then you will need this tool.

Cordless Drill and Drill Bits: if you think you’ll be using a drill a lot, then buy a quality cordless drill. You will need lithium-ion batteries for most cordless drills. Make sure you don’t forget to buy drill bits and screwdriver heads.

Hacksaw and Wood Saw: a hacksaw will cut metal, not wood, where as a wood saw will cut wood.

Basic Painting Set: buy a roller, roller covers, metal paint tray, three liners, angled trim brush and a larger 3-inch brush. This will help you start your most basic paint projects.

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