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How to use Power Tools Safely

Power tools are not just for tradesmen or professionals anymore. DIY used to be a lick of paint and a few nails whereas now it is a lot bigger and complex, because of this people need specific power tools to finish the jobs. Power tools like grinders, sanders, drills, saw and sprayers have started to become more available as well as more cost effective to own. Due to this, there is now a market for your everyday amateur to fill up their shed with their own power tools to use within their home environment. However, a lot of people do not have the proper training or any knowledge of how a power tool works. We have explained some simple Do’s and Don’ts of how to use power tools correctly:

DO take stock of your equipment and working conditions. Make sure your tool will do the job correctly, if the tool isn’t fit for the job or the working conditions are poor then the risk of an accident is increased, and you shouldn’t continue.

DO keep all the tools you have clean and well maintained. Before you use a tool, inspect it first and then store it appropriately afterwards. When you have finished a job and the tool is no longer required, make sure you put it back as it could get in the way if it is left lying idle.

DO read all the instructions, it can be tempting to dive straight into a job, but you need to understand how your tools work before you use them. If you have used similar tools but a different brand, then re-read the instructions just in case there is a difference in brand models.

DO protect your ears and eyes. In specification section of any booklet it will state the sound power and sound pressure readings, and there are some power tools that have a motor which will be noisy, so invest in some ear plugs or defenders! When using power equipment, it is easy for materials to fly into your eyes that could cause serious injuries, so make sure you wear protective glasses.

DON’T leave power tools connected to a power supply when you are not using them, unplugging power tools when you have finished using them will prevent tripping hazards.

DON’T carry around tools with your finger on the switch as this could cause accidental starts. Unplug the power tool and carry it by the appropriate handle to prevent any accidents.

DON’T carry the tool by its cord or hose. By doing this you are putting stress onto the part of the tool which has electricity through it. you should also never pull the cord or hose to disconnect the tool from the power supply for the same reason.

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