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Your Essential Decorating Checklist

A lick of paint is an easy and affordable way to give a room an instant refresh, however according to a recent survey, 1 in 10 people are put off decorating because they have no idea where to start. With our handy decorating tips and check lists, we can guide you on all the tools and tricks you need to do to achieve a professional-looking finish!

What you will need:

A tin of paint whatever colour you like

A paint roller and a tray

Paint brushes – you will need one medium and one small

A mixing stick

Masking tape

Drop cloths to cover up furniture

A step ladders

Absorbent cloths for dusting down walls or wiping spillages

White spirits for dealing with accidental paint drips

Pick your paint

The colour that you choose to paint your walls will have a massive impact on the overall look and feel of your room. To help you choose what colours to pick take a look at some of our previous blogs on colour schemes!

Using masking tape

To cover wall sockets, window frames or door hardware make sure you use masking tape. You need to apply it in neat, straight line so the edge of your paint turns out neat.

Cover up

If you can’t remove all the furniture out of the room, you’re going to paint then it is a good idea to cover it with drop cloths. You should place a drop cloth underneath the area that you are painting and then tape it down, so it doesn’t move. No matter how careful you are, paint drips will try to sneak onto your floor so it’s better to be safe!

Dust down your walls

To achieve a ultra-smooth finish, you must dust down your walls before you begin painting, usually all you need to do is brush a dry cloth over the wall. When doing this make sure you take extra care in the top corners of the rooms as there might be cobwebs. This is also a good time to sand down any uneven patches and remove old nails or screws that are in your walls, if you need to fill in the gaps with multi-purpose filler.

Get painting

If your walls have been painted on before then you don’t need to use primer. Pour the paint you have chosen into a tray and use a medium sized brush to paint the outer 10cm of your wall, make sure you go over the edges that are covered in masking tape. After doing this use the roller to fill in the rest of the wall, don’t overload your brush or roller otherwise you won’t have a smooth finish on your wall. When the first coat of paint is dry and you think you need to apply another, do this now, if you still think it needs another layer then keep adding the layers on.

Peeling off the tape

When the paint is almost dry, carefully peel off the masking tape, if you start peeling off the tape when the paint is completely dry then you risk pulling off sections of paint with the tape. If this happens, then touch up the paint with a small paint brush.

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