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How to Brighten a Dark Room

If you have a room in your home that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight or has no windows then it can start to feel small and gloomy, this is the case with some bathrooms. Here are some quick fixes and design ideas that will change dark rooms into a brighter space.

Lighten the Walls

One of the first rules when you are trying to brighten a space is to use pale colours. Pale colours reflect lights which creates the illusion of more space, whereas dark colours absorb the light making the room look smaller. Colours like cream and white will make a room look larger and taller, you can then follow the same colour palette with your furniture and furnishings to create a seamless look.

When you are choosing the colour for your walls, make sure you explore all of your options to make sure that they will work before decorating a room. Sometimes white doesn’t work when trying to brighten a room. If you find that a bright white doesn’t work, try a warmer tone white. Don’t forget then a gloss of a metallic paint will look a lot lighter than a matte version as a shiny finish will bounce light off instead of absorbing it.

Refresh Ceilings and Windows

It might also help giving your ceiling a fresh lick of paint as this can make a considerable difference to a room that is small, so don’t be tempted to paint your ceiling a darker colour as it will make the room feel enclosed and like a cave. If you decide to paint your ceiling then you can also paint wooden window frames, windowsills and skirting boards to match.

Lighten up the Flooring

Just like walls and ceilings, lightening up the floor can also make a massive different to a dark room. Take a look at paler laminate or real wooden floors or if you are refreshing a bathroom or kitchen then choose white and pale tiles to make the room lighter. If you already have hard flooring like solid wood or tiles, then you can paint them a paler shade instead of ripping them up and starting all over again.

Update the Lighting Design

Improving the lighting will definitely brighten up any room and there are plenty of ways to do this. You can add more lights, change the positions of some lights, updating lamp shades or adding in brighter bulbs. Take a look at where the lights already are and see whether it would help by having lamp in a darkened corner or a spotlight. By having lights on different levels gives the illusion of depth, so make sure you experiment before you commit to a final design, so you know you get the effect you want.


Having a mirror hanging on the wall will create the illusion of having more space, especially if you hang them in strategic spaces. Mirrors will reflect light around the room which makes the room look bigger.

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