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Our Paint Brush and Rollers Guide

Before you choose a paint brush or roller, make sure you know the job that you want to do before and the paint that you’re going to be using. When choosing a paint brush, you need to consider the bristle type that you need or if you’re using a roller then you need to think of what the material of the roller is made out of, foam-based rollers make it easier to paint for certain surfaces.

Types of Paint Brush Bristle

Synthetic – To achieve a fine finish with water-based paints then you will need a synthetic paint brush. This works better with water-based paints as it’s not a hard-wearing bristle and it doesn’t absorb large amounts of water. It also means that it won’t swell up and cause tramlines which helps reduce the drying tine.

Natural - - if you are using a solvent based paint then you will need to use a natural bristle brush, it allows paint to be easily applied with only a few brush marks. It is best to use a natural paint brush on skirting boards, wall surfaces and doors. The split ends in this paint brush produce a fine finish as it allows to take and hold paint within in the brush.

Combined (Synthetic and Natural) – this type of paint brush gives you a good finish with all types of paint.

Brush Sizes

25mm – this is ideal for cutting around glass or window panes.

50mm – a brush this size is best to use on skirting boards, door frames and panel door.

75mm – to paint large flush panel doors this is the size paint brush you need.

100 – 150mm – these bigger brushes are ideal for walls and ceilings.

Types of Paint Brush for Design

Angle Sash Brush – this brush is perfect for cutting in corners and hard to reach areas, this gives you the perfect line finish.

Masonry Brush – you will need a brush like this if you are working on block work or rough-cast dashing.

No Loss Brush – on this brush no strands come loose because each bristle is wrapped around the block.

Radiator Brush – this brush is angled and has a long handle so it’s great for hard to reach places.

Round Brush – this brush has a unique head and has high quality bristles to give it a consistent finish, its ideal for painting sash windows or round curved objects with any sort of paint.

Shed and Fence Brush – this is a chunkier brush which holds a lot of paint, its perfect for painting large fencing areas.

Types of Paint Rollers

You need to buy your paint rollers to the type of paint you need and the surface you want to cover. They are are great option for getting a large surface job done quickly and easily.

Short Pile – if you have a fine or flat surface to paint, then this will be perfect.

Medium Pile – this is used for smooth surfaces but can be used on most walls.

Long Pile – if you have a textured surface, or a surface that is outside, then this will be the paint roller for the job.

Foam Roller – you will need a foam roller when you are using gloss finish paint or varnish.

Radiator Roller – like a radiator brush, this is great for those hard to read places or small areas of a wall.

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