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Home Lighting Ideas

We have a wealth of experience in home lighting, we are always here if you ever need any help with ideas for lighting your home or business. The first thing you need to know about home lighting is that there are no rules, everyone has different ideas about what type of lights they like!

The Size of the Room

Before anything, you need to consider the size of the room, which goes without saying. Years ago, people would just have a hanging bulb but now we expect a bit more from our lighting, the light fitting is now part of the decoration in the room so it’s not just there to give us light. However, part of a light fittings job is to provide light, so how much light is needed in the room? Here’s a formula which makes a good starting point.

For example, you have a 5 meters by 3 meters room, this would be 12 square meters, so...

5 x 3 = 15

15 x 25 = 375 watts

When doing this you also need to measure your ceiling height, as not all ceilings are the same. You don’t want to have a light that hangs too high or too low!

Be Different!

If you have a really high ceiling then you might want to change the light level, so it is higher, then have a light fitting with more bulbs or have extra table lamps. If you have a dark painted room then you will need to increase your light level as dark colours absorb light, where as if you have a lighter coloured room then the colours will help reflect the light. Open plan living, or multi-functional rooms will need more special consideration, like a kitchen/diner. You will need brighter lights in the kitchen but then dimmer lights for the diner area to create an atmosphere.

Layers of Light

Layers of light means having a good general light level but then with moonlights for different areas of interest.

General Light – this is described as ambient lighting and its normally a central light. A general light is one that you normally switch on and off to give enough light to see when you are in the room.

Mood Lighting – this could be table lamps, wall lights, or picture lights that add interest and highlight certain points of the room. This level of light is the most creative as it allows you to add some depth, charm and personality to the room.

Task Lights – this is a brighter light for where you must need it, the most common task for this light is as a reading light.

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