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How to Keep Your House Warm

Now it’s getting colder it is time to turn up the heat inside your home. To save energy we have some ideas on other ways you can stay warm at home, these tips will help you quickly prepare your home when its freezing outside!

Radiator Care

Bleed your radiators every couple of months over winter to make sure that they are pumping out as much heat as possible. It also helps if you move any obstructions that might be in the way of heat coming out of the radiators, these could be heavy curtains or furniture.

Radiator Insulation

A lot of heat escapes through the wall behind your radiators, but if you add a radiator foil it will reflect the heat back into a room rather than letting it go through the walls. You will need radiator foils or reflectors if you have a home without cavity wall insulation or for outside walls.


If you don’t have a radiator or you need heat fast, then portable heaters are a good option. They are able to warm up quickly as well as specific rooms instead of the whole house.

Temperature Monitors & Timers

A temperature monitor will be able monitor the temperature in a certain room making sure that it doesn’t go too cold or too hot. If it turns too cold in your room it will let you know that you need to turn the heating up.

Using a timer will help you optimise your heating efficiency, as it will manage when your heaters are on and what the temperature is at home. They are also an effective way to use portable heaters as you can program them to come on just before you are getting up or home, so it has time to warm up.

Soft Furnishings

Having rugs or blankets around your home is an amazing way to warm up quickly without having to touch the heating. If your flooring is laminate, wooden or tiled then having a rug will take the chill off the floor and to keep the heat in the room better.

When you start feeling a bit chilly pull a throw or blanket over you, they’re great to have on hand! They are also great to have when you are going to sleep as many of us lower our heating overnight when we’re sleeping.

Curtains, Shutters & Blinds

Cold air and draughts come in around window panes so if you add curtains, blinds or shutters and close them when the weather is cold it’ll stop the cold ait coming into a room.

A heavier curtain has a better insulating effect and lined curtains offer a great insulation than non-lined.

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