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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Most of the time bathroom lighting is the last thing you think about, as you always consider that the bath, shower or even tiles are more important. The lighting you choose helps set the mood for the bathroom, however if you’re lucky enough to have a large window then you already have plenty of light in your room, so your lighting will have more of a supporting role, whereas if you have an internal bathroom then lighting can either make or break the whole look of the room.


Putting a chandelier in your bathroom is a big trend right now, and it doesn’t look like it will leave anytime soon. Chandeliers have a great effect in bathrooms by adding a touch of glamour to your room. The light that reflects and refracts through the cut glass will produce a glittering effect. It can also be a centrepiece in your bathroom if you have a freestanding bath.

If this is something you like, then make sure you choose a specially designed chandelier that is made for bathrooms and look for the IP rating to check it will work well in your bathroom.


LEDs are a lot more energy-efficient than normal light bulbs, and they can also be used for additional lighting. This works well if your central fixture doesn’t do the job on its own.

LED lights have been increasing their popularity this year. As well as allowing you to see what you’re doing up close, it is also a discreet and quite alternative to your ceiling light fixture. They can also be arranged in a way, so you can have different types of light for what you need, for focused light look for models that have LEDs in the mirror, or if you want a more subdued look go for a backlit option. You can now also get LED mirrors with hands-free switches! You can even get vanity unites that are complete with motion-sensor activated lighting.

Shower & Tap Lights

A lot of people are now looking at having lighting in unexpected place, to make their bathroom more futuristic. If you main lighting fixture is a long way away from the shower then it can typically be dark and dingy, which means you might need a downlight above the shower. If you are looking for a more futuristic light, then why not fit a shower head that lights up to indicate water temperature.

One of the advantages of the shower light is that it works from the movement of the water, so it doesn’t have to be wired into the mains or batteries that you need to replace.

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