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Tools for Beginner Gardeners

Getting started in the garden for the first time can be scary as there is so much to learn! Where many new gardeners go wrong is picking up every type of tool they see. As a beginner gardener, buying high quality tools that you can use for different gardening tasks is a better strategy than picking up specialised expensive tools that will make your shed look like a mess.

Essential Hand Tools

These sorts of tools are what you will use more than anything else. The trick is to avoid tools that only do one job and try ones that can take on the place of two or more tools.

Hori-Hori – This is a Japanese gardening knife and it is like the swiss army knife of the garden, so it replaces at least other hand tools. Due to its sharp edge it is a great weeding tool as it is good for slicing weeds and digging them out completely. You can also use it as a transplanting and seed-planting tool, it’s a good way to harvest your root crops properly.

Hand Pruner – These are used to chop branches and stems, it breaks the “more than one purpose” way but pruning is really important, and you need a job dedicated for the job.

Hand Rake – This is your soil manipulation tool. You can use it to smooth out soil, remove weeds or turn your soil as a mini-tiller.

Essential Long-Handled Tools

You will probably use these tools a lot less in general, but they are useful when you need them, especially if you have a big garden.

Bow Rake – This is your surface level soil manipulation tool. It is used to level your garden and rake free of debris which makes it more consistent for your plants. It can also be used for leaves or lighter debris, but it is heavier than standard leaf rakes.

Digging Fork – A digging fork is used to manipulate the soil below the surface of your garden and it is far more effective than a spade for different type of gardening. Most gardener use these to loosen, life and turn over soil. In smaller gardens digging forks are useful for changing the composition of your soil.

Round Headed Shovel – There are a lot of types of garden shovels, but you can’t go wrong with a simple round headed one. Most of your earth moving will be with this tool but it can also double up as a transplanter or to dig out any weeds or stumps.

Water Hose – A lot of gardeners already own a hose but it is probably the most essential thing on this list. Without it you wouldn’t be able to water your plants!

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