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7 Essential Gardening Tools

Now it is getting warmer you can start gardening again or at least plan to! To prepare, plant and maintain a healthy garden you need the best gardening tools, but do you know what they do and how to use them correctly?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to gardening or if you’re a well-seasoned veteran it is good to know the proper use of each gardening tool to make sure you have the right ones for your garden. All tools have their uses, but some tools are more essential than others. We have put together a list of the must-have tools and how to use them properly.

The Spade –

This is a must-have for any gardener. It looks similar to a shovel but has a squared or flat blade with straight edges instead of a curved and pointed blade. Spades normally have a shorter handle than shovels so that you have more control over the tool. Spades are really good at removing top layers of grass, cleaning up edging around driveways, paths and breaking up tough roots.

The Trowel –

The trowel is very precise when it comes to digging in small places. Use a hand trowel to dig proper holes when it comes to planting flowers or vegetables. The trowel gardening has a narrow and pointed blade that is shaped like a scoop, because of the scoop you can also use a trowel for transplanting plants. Some trowels are marked with scales that can help you identify the depth to which you are digging.

The Rake –

You can use a rake to clear the ground from leaves, pine needles, spread compost or level the soil before planting. A ground rake has strong tines which is often made of metal which is ideal for moving or removing debris or working the soil. Garden/ground rakes come flat with a T-shaped head that is attached to the handle with then a head attached by two curved steel supports.

The Shears –

If you have shrubs or tall grass then you want to invest in a pair of strong shears. Shears are used for trimming long grass or small hedges, cutting back herbaceous perennials, edging flower beds or paths and shaping your shrubs. Shears come in many different sizes and you may need more than one pair depending on what you have in your garden.

The Pruners –

Pruners come in handy when dealing with small trees, thick bushes or large flowers. Pruners have sharp blades that are similar to scissors. They are used to cut branches, cutting large flowers and harvesting vegetables.

The Hoe –

Hoes have long handles with flat blade and are made for chopping and digging. The paddle has a square or rectangular blade at a right angle to the handle for chopping. There are different hoes for different jobs, A Dutch hoe is designed to cut the roots of weeds, the weeding how is used for pulling up weeds by the roots and an action hoe is also used to help cut weeds.

The Weeder –

A weeder is essential to any gardener. A weeder is like a longer, notched screwdriver and is made to go in the soil and remove weed roots from deep in the ground.

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