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How to Maintain your Gardening Tools

You usually have a choice when purchasing new gardening tool. You can either pick a lower price tool which is low in quality or a higher priced tool which is higher in quality.

Normally the higher priced tools are designed to last for many years, as long as they are well looked after and regularly maintained. Whereas the cheaper tools may be less of a problem because once they wear out you can throw them away. No matter what the quality, maintaining your garden tools regularly will help to assure that they are ready whenever you need them.

By following these basic rules, it will help add years of life onto all your tools!

Always remove all of the soil!

When using your diffing tools make sure you remove all the soil after each use. Usually hosing is all it takes but if there is caked or dried mud then you can use a screwdriver to help remove it.

Never put your tools away wet

Before storing your tools make sure they are completely dry. This will prevent rusting and handle rot, you should also rub linseed oil into all of your wooden handles to help preserve them, only do this every garden season.

Wipe metal parts

After every use wipe down all the metal parts of your pruners, shears and loppers with an oily rag. Or you can wipe your tools dry with a clean rag then spray lightly with an oil like WD40.

Sharpen your cutting tools

You should sharpen your cutting tools as well as the blades of spades and shovels during the gardening season. A whetstone or a hone should he used for sharpening your cutting tools and a file should be used to remove nicks and then smooth the edge of your shovels and trowels.

Chemical applications

Always thoroughly clean any tools which have been used for chemical applications. Fertilisers and other chemicals will rapidly corrode any metal parts of your tools.

Extra rust prevention

Fill a 5-gallon bucket with builder’s sand and then pour a quarter of new motor oil over it. You can then use this as a shovel cleaner every time you put your tools away. Plunge each tool in and out several times after use. The bucket can also double up as a shovel stand.

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