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8 Kitchen Trends

The last thing you want is a kitchen that is out of sync, in just a few years because you followed a trend. Here are 9 trends that are popular now but also have the staying power because they address your lifestyle needs, convenience and saving which means you’ll enjoy your kitchen for many years

White Kitchens

It’s hard to believe that white kitchens could get any more popular but the preference for white cabinets seems to get higher and higher. 67% of National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) members say that white is their first choice for cabinets, which is a 20% climb from two years ago.

White appliances are much easier to keep clean than stainless which is really easy to smudge. Since stainless has filtered down to the masses it is no longer expensive or exclusive like it used to be. White will always have staying power, and we think the new icy look is simple, cool and able to blend in with transitional and contemporary styles.

Neutral Grey

The new sleek and sophisticated grey colour scheme just keeps getting more and more popular. 71% of NKBA designers have said that grey is the fastest-growing colour schemes for kitchens in 2014. This doesn’t mean that it is easy to incorporate into your kitchen!

In cold and cloudy climates grey can appear frozen unless you add warm materials like wooden cabinets or hot colours like red and yellow. It also does appeal cool in sunny and hot climates as it adds a breath of fresh air in heat and humidity. White kitchens are a safe bet, but grey is neutral enough to have stay power if you use it correctly.

Smaller Appliances

Micro-living is taking off at the moment, especially for millennials and retirees. People that own multigenerational homes are now installing tiny kitchens for returning adult children and elderly parents.

They usually feature a two-burner cooktop combo microwave and convection oven, 18-inch dishwasher and a 60-inch fridge or refrigerator drawer.

Quartz Counters

In 2013 quartz and granite almost tied in countertop popularity, in 2014 the trend winner went to quartz!

Quartz is the toughest countertop material which can resist scratches, burns and chips. Crushed quartz stone mixed with resin produces countertops that range from solid colours to look like real granite, but you’ll never beat natural stone in toughness. Unlike granite you don’t have to seal it annually to prevent stains, it’s much easier to maintain.


LED rope or cove lights are gaining in popularity because –

  • They come in a rainbow of colours ranging from bright to soft white, red, blue and green.

  • You can put them anywhere, get creative!

  • LEDs emit no heat, so you can leave them on forever without burning your cabinets or walls.

  • They are energy efficient and last 50,000 hours on average which is 5 times longer than CFLs.


Refrigeration is no longer a single hulking unit; a lot of people are experiments their cooling needs with point of use refrigeration. This could be adding a counter-height produce fridge in your prep island or next to wine colour or soda fridge.

Touch Activated Faucet

This is a more expensive feature, but it is definitely worth it! This feature also saves you money on your energy bills and makes it a lot easier for your family to use. We recommend a touch free faucet instead of hands free as they often turn on when you don’t want them to and not turn on when you do.

Traditional Design

More than 60% of designers preform a more contemporary design as it is sleek and simple. Sometimes it can come across as cold, but it encourages a non-cluttered look which can be hard to maintain a busy home.

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