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Giving your Kitchen a Fresh Look

Here are 10 affordable and time saving kitchen facelift ideas!

Installing a New Faucet

A kitchen facelift can start off by installing a fresh new faucet that spruces up your sink as well as saving you some money on your water bill! This doesn’t take long and is an affordable upgrade. Try and choose a faucet that matches your sink and kitchen theme and make sure that it fits into your sinks hole pattern. Think how you use your sink, for example if you use it for hand washing dishes you might want a powerful and easy to access spray nozzle. If you reply on a portable dishwasher, make sure the faucet attaches to it. All you need to install it is some basic tools and a willingness to work on the kitchen floor upside down for a few minutes when wrenching in the new hardware.

Add a Backsplash

Tiles definitely make the kitchen more beautiful! Adding a backsplash above the stove, behind the sink or about the countertop is a way to express your creativity and catch some grease. Design a backsplash that suits your needs and kitchen space, then consider the measurements of your area and the materials you like and can afford. If you are working with ceramic tile you will need a wet saw, grout, caulk and more supplies. To take a simpler approach then use the peel and stick panels then cut away the excess and align the tiles before putting them on the wall. For a more trendier option a lot of people are making backsplashes out of stainless steel panels, aluminium wallpaper or reclaimed wood.

Store and Organise

If clutter is your main problem, then try and open some space up and make the most of every inch of storage capacity. Find inspiration with some quick and clever storage ideas from the internet, you can even try and expand your storage capacity with pantry shelves, bakers rack or even a portable kitchen island. Once you’ve organised everything, clean the counter tops and appliances and then step back and admire your perfect kitchen!

Lay Down Vinyl

With the right supplies and careful planning, you could lay down a new floor over the weekend. The best bet for a new kitchen floor is a luxury vinyl tile which looks like stone or ceramic, but it is less expensive and a lot easier to cut and install. It is often sold as a peel and stick but the sides require grouting which is gives a more expensive look to the finished product. Try and choose a tile that is in style and compliments your appliances and cabinets, keep the texture, colour and shape into consideration. It is a good idea to keep a selection of sample tiles you like in the kitchen for 24 hours to see how they look under different light conditions.

Paint Countertops

If you have countertops that are faded or just out of style, don’t worry this is an easy and inexpensive fix! Research on what countertop paint would suit your kitchen best, they are often sold in kits. Countertop paint is specially formulated for durability and it has a deep rich colour that will completely mask what is underneath. For a more stone effect some kits include diamond chips or speckles. To apply the paint, you need to mask off the countertops and then start to follow the instructions that are on your kit. We recommend dedicating a whole weekend doing this project as several layers are required and you are unable to use the countertops between each coat. You can also use the same technique with a cabinet painting kit.

Decorate Walls

Since your kitchen walls are sometimes victims of grime and grease, it’s not surprising that you don’t want to hang up framed artwork there. Try and look for cleanable canvases or different objects of art that are made out of metal or plastic as they are recoverable. Find a theme of art décor that suits the rest of your kitchen.

Add Under Cabinet Lighting

Nothing changes a room more than the way it is illuminated, but a lot of people don’t bother with kitchen lighting as overhead fixtures and fluorescents can create deep shadows on work areas. Under cabinet lighting can be installed in just a few hours. You will need to access the amount of space that you have under the cabinets and the depth in order to determine what looks best. You can look online to see what you like best, but our favourites are track lights, strips or round LEDs that can be applied with glue or small screws. You can take the project further by using special bulbs or strips that can change colour with controls.

Wash Windows

Streaks, grease, spots and even plain dirt will affect the amount of light that will pass through it. On a nice day, set aside a few hours and fill a few buckets of water and a mild cleaning solution that will lift away the dirt. Remove and clean screens, polish window sills and buff drops and streaks from window panes.

Plant a Windowsill Garden

Botanicals look beautiful, especially in good kitchens! With easy access to water and sunlight they are less likely to die than the normal house plant in your living room. Buy a few small pots, a watering tray and some herbs to start off with. Having herbs will definitely be useful in the kitchen!

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