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A Guide to Outdoor Hardscaping

Hardscaping increases the value your home significantly and even aesthetically! Hardscaping can transform a drab garden into a jaw dropping garden and by following this guide you will be making your neighbours jealous.

How Big is Hardscaping?

At the moment hardscaping is getting bigger and bigger and is the future of modern landscaping. In hardscaping, home owners will be able to work around terrain to create an amazing back garden. Current trends show that the designs are now becoming remarkable and unique in design. This trend has started to become more popular due to home improvement shows.

Gather Inspiration

Before you even begin starting a hardscape project you will need inspiration, the design you find should be well thought out and similar to your garden and what you want it to be. You don’t want to find a project that was done for a garden 10x bigger than yours as this won’t work. The best hardscaping designs are ones that utilise the whole garden. One of the best ways to find inspiration is to use Pinterest and create a board. There are so many pictures of different hardscaping projects and elements that people have used so make sure you can pin all these to your board, so you have loads of ideas.

Learn Your Options

Once you have an idea on what you want you will have to start deciding what materials you want to use and remember that you aren’t restricted to just stone or a wooden deck. Try to consider wood stains, colour, mosaics, different coloured stones, tiles and slate. You can also try to mix materials and combing geometrically areas of grass, plants and art. We offer many different landscaping materials that you can try!

Think Beyond Flat

The best hardscaping projects are ones where you have the ability to customise the level and appearance of pavers. A modern idea is having a wooden decking that rises like a wave which contains spaces for greenery and grass. Don’t be afraid to add different levels to create space out of different materials.

Think Long Term

Keep in mind elements you might want to add in the future. You might want to add a swimming pool or a lounge area, either one of those will need you to incorporate this space into your design for the future. The best way to do this is to sit with your household members and make a list on what everyone’s dream garden is, you will have to take into account everyone’s future possibility and decide what the space is suitable for.

Hire or DIY

Once you have decided on what your final design is you might want to consider whether you need some professional help with some of the elements. Doing it all by yourself will obviously take longer and you could make some mistakes along the way. However doing it by yourself is rewarding when you have the finish product.

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