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How to Create a Successful Hardscape

Hardscaping is an attractive feature that offers appealing options. These options could be a rustic stacked wall or a fully developed outdoor living room and kitchen. Once you have decided that you want to create an outdoor space you must plan and research carefully to meet your hardscaping goals. Research really pays off, especially when you have a fixed object in the landscape that isn’t going to move easily. You want to choose materials that will last for a couple of years.

Consider the Landscaping

You need to consider the entire area that is available before you design an element, even if you are just tackling one space for now. You should design for the whole area but don’t consider the site comprehensively, you shouldn’t build one area then wait a year to build the other. You might decide you want to put down a patio but then decide that you want a barbecue, pond or a walkway but then the patio blocks your plan.

Delve into Draining Issue

Most hardscapes are messed up because people ignore drainage requirements. You need to plan how the drainage will be affected when you place a wall or a patio. You should also take the environment into consideration, you should plan a runoff, so you can capture the water and use it on site instead of it hitting concrete then going down a drain pipe.

Develop a Focal Point

You want people to notice little things in your garden that make them pause, a good suggestion is either some weeping evergreen or an oriental lantern.

Choose Balanced Elements

If you choose to have boulders in your garden then you should make sure they are large enough to fit with the scale of the landscape then bury them enough, so they look like a natural element, seeing as boulders are meant to be helping to naturalise the area. Too linear elements can create some unnatural feel, so many people try to put a straight or an L shaped walkway which looks a bit boring, try to include curves and shapes in a way that the hardscape elements transition gracefully into the rest of your garden.

Keep the Greenery

Lately a trend is an all-stone or a concrete area, but this isn’t necessarily the right way, you can make a beautiful back garden framed by shrubs and flowerbeds and also keeping a small patch of grass is a good idea to brighten your garden.

Choose Proper Materials for your Style

You could have a relaxed or a formal hardscape, but the best ones are a well-defined style. The best way to find your style is a two or three-word phrase that describes your vision and then stick with it. Once you have selected your style choose a few materials that are visually creative and coordinate with each other, as well as the interior and exterior of the house. You should also consider texture, it is okay to have two different textures, for example flagstone underfoot and landscape blocks for low walls but more than two tends to look messy.

Buy More Than You Need

No matter what material you are using it is always best to buy more than you need as you can use the extra you don’t use as accent pretty beds with contemporary edgings or stepping stones, this is a good idea because these little features will match the dominant hardscape.

Properly Prepare the Site.

The most common mistake people make is putting a hardscape element without preparing the site appropriately. If you don’t correct the amount of base material down or compact it well enough then you risk having a wall sink or settle or a patio settle and heave in frost.

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