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5 Things Every Hardscape Project Should Consider.

What do you want to achieve with your hardscape project? Are you trying to create a space to host parties with your family and friends or just a place to relax? No matter what you are trying to achieve it should be something that is high quality!


A lot of hardscape projects fail due to the lack of drainage. Some people think they can get away without making a drainage plan, but the reality is that your project won’t last without one! When water gathers in garden it causes more mud which could cause some serious foundation issues if the problem isn’t resolved quickly. You need to remember that when you invest in an outdoor living project, it needs to be beautiful as well as long lasting.

Slope and Elevation Improvements.

When planning a hardscape project, the first thing you probably think of is the fun stuff, like grill stations, pergolas and fire pit areas but a lot of projects will require structural work as well. A lot of gardens have a slope which requires retaining walls to compensate for the even soil and these walls are essential for your outdoor space to survive the changing seasons. If you have a large slope in your back garden, then you definitely need retaining wall!

Expert Design.

If done incorrectly then a back-garden renovation projects can go from a dream come true to a nightmare. Make sure you do your research and have found out how do everything in your project perfectly. A lot of people don’t worry about poor foundations and drainage, so you should research this or even get an expert involved to help as they will have more experience on how to do everything.

Core Elements.

When planning your project, you should find something that will give your garden the IT factor. This is to capture someone’s attention when they first see your new space! You should also get all your elements to blend together. The most common design lay out is a stamped concrete or paver patio with a fire pit or a seating wall, this set up means that all eyes are on the space where the seating wall circles around the fire pit. All successful hardscapes will include a core gathering spot no matter what the project is.

Preparation Before Production.

No matter what the scale, preparation is critical for every project! You should always ensure that all the appropriate materials are used with the same professional installation techniques. You should also make sure your design fits your vision and maybe ask for different opinions to make sure it all matches up.

Don’t rush into home renovation, always make sure you have a good plan as you want your outdoor living space to be beautiful and fully functional. Always get a second opinion if you are unsure on anything.

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