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Keeping Your Home Affordably Warm Over the Winter Months

With continuous rises in prices from British energy companies, it’s time to look at being resourceful.

Here are a few affordable methods of saving money whilst heating your home:

Use Tin Foil

If not optimised your radiator can be losing a lot of heat. By using heat reflecting aluminium foil, you can direct the heat energy by into the room rather than the wall.

Thick Curtains are key

One of the main ways to protect your home from heat loss is through using your curtains effectively. Thermal curtain lining is relatively affordable. The thicker the better. If you don’t want to buy new curtains, simply line them yourself with materials like cheap fleece. However, keep them open during the day in order to let as much sun light and natural heat into your house as possible.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is heat-efficient but it’s relatively costly. If you can’t afford it, well here what you can do… There’s a special film that you can put across single glazed windows that will produce the same effect. Attach the film to your window frame using double-sided tape and then fix it using a hair dryer.

The Chimney

If you’re not using your fireplace and are simply using it as a decorative, you should consider a chimney balloon. A chimney balloon is made from a special laminate that’s then placed inside the chimney and inflated. They cost roughly £20 and it will shut out incoming cold. However, make sure you don’t start a fire without removing it!

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