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With Oil Prices Rising, There’s No Better Time To Buy Wood Burning Stoves

Year on year, the cost of oil is continuing to rise, it’s no shock that so many people are seeking out cheaper options to heat their homes. Wood Burning Stoves are reliable sources of heating homes as they help to provide timely solutions whilst helping consumers save money; whilst helping the environment.

In 2010, the price of home heating oil increased by 23% and because of this, consumers cut back using their heating to save on energy costs. Therefore, this results in consumers struggling to stay warm over the winter months. Industry spokespeople blame the rise on wholesale market prices and individual companies working with small margins are incapable of absorbing these changes. Consequently, these companies are then forced to raise their prices, placing a financial burden on the consumers. This is where wood burning stoves would be a cost-effective solution.

Cost Effective Solutions

Switching to wood burning stoves can be a cost-effective solution as this reduces consumer’s reliance on expensive fossil fuels. The wood needed for the stove can be purchased from local suppliers or even gathered from waste wood collections which can highly reduce costs even more. Wood Burning Stoves can highly reduce fuel bills and don’t react to the increase in demand for oil, coal and gas. Many consumers view wood burning stoves as an increase in the value of their property and as there are a wide variety of shapes and styles, they can fit in with most interior decor of houses, quite effectively.

Environment Sustainable Solution

In comparison to fuels such as oil, coal and gas, wood is a more environmentally friendly option to heating your home. As pieces of wood can be found locally which most of the time, eliminates costs through carbon emissions and transportation through delivery. Wood is a renewable source, it can be replaced once used up as a fuel for heating. Wood Burning Stoves only emits carbon whist burning that is the equivalent of the carbon absorbed by the tree itself from its atmosphere during its life time; therefore, burning wood can be argued as carbon neutral. This then puts wood at the opposite end to oil and coal in terms of its impact on the environment.

Take a look at our wood burning stoves here for more information!

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