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Our Guide on Staining Your Decking

It’s important that wooden decking is cleaned and treated regularly to prevent the wood from rotting and to ensure it’s looking the best it can. Depending on the type of treatment you use and whether your decking is sheltered or not, you will need to treat and stain your wood every 2-3 years. If your decking happens to be relatively new then it would be advisable not to stain the wood for a couple of months to allow it to dry and settle first.

Equipment You Will Need:

Staining decking can get quite messy, so it’s important that you invest in high quality protective clothing and equipment as you’ll be repeating this every few years.

Equipment Checklist:

  • Eye Protection

  • Gloves

  • Overalls

  • Paint Brush

  • Roller

  • Masking Tape

  • Sandpaper

  • Power sander

  • Power Washer

  • Sodium Percarbonate

  • Stain Stripper

If your decking happens to adjoin a doorstep or a patio, you will need to mask off the adjoining surface to protect from splashes.

Choosing The Correct Stain For Your Decking:

Due to the wide variety of stains available for consumers to purchase, it can be confusing as to which one is right for you.

A good factor in deciding which stain is good for your decking is whether it has much foot traffic or not.

If it does have a lot of foot traffic, a translucent stain tends to age better, comparing to opaque which is strong in colour however can flake off with age.

The colour your choose is a vital factor in your decision making, as even though certain colours such as green and red, look appealing on the tin, if you have a big stretch of decking it may look too over powering once stained.

To prevent any mishaps, always do a patch test on a small patch of decking just to see what it looks like dried and to see whether it appeals to you.

If you have wooden fences around or near to your decking, it would be favourable to use the same colour stain on them too, as this will give a concise and uniform look to your garden.


Ensure that your deck is clean before applying the stain because if it’s dirty, the stain won’t soak into the wood. To do so, the best solution is using a Power Washer with Sodium Percarbonate which is an oxygen bleach cleaner that cleans aged wood effectively.

After this is completed, it is advisable to use a stain stripper before you re-stain your wood, as well as sanding down any imperfections in the wood with sand paper or a power sander to get a flawless finish.

Finally, clear the area of any objects such as plant pots, chairs and ornaments to prevent these from getting stain on them.

When to Start Staining:

The weather is key to staining your decking, if it happens to be very cold and frosty, it’s best not to start staining because it won’t dry in these conditions.

In contrast to this, if the weather is too hot and the decking is too hot to touch, don’t start staining as the liquid will dry too quickly, meaning you won’t achieve an even coverage.

It’s best to choose a day that is dry and there won’t be any sudden downpours, so make sure you check the weather!

Applying the Stain:

Use a paint brush to go around the corners, making sure small and hard to reach areas are covered. It’s important that you paint in the style of the grain of the timber to give a neat effect. If you are using a roller ensure that the stain goes into gaps and awkward areas, you may want to make sure you have a small brush to hand.

Apply the stain thoroughly, ensuring that there is enough to fully soak into the timber. If there happens to be puddles of stain, wipe them with a rag or back brush them into the timber. Always ensure to follow the manufacturers instructions on how many coats you will need to apply and allow the decking 24 hours to dry before using.

Here at Thompson and Parkes, we have all the resources and equipment needed to maintain your decking. Pop into our store today or alternatively call 01562 745881 for any help.

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