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Our guide on pressure washing your patio or decking

You won’t need any specialist gardening skills for this straightforward job. Especially if you’re following our well structured guide.

The use of pressure washing is perfect for getting rid of algae, lichen and moss without having to get down and dirty with a manual scrubbing brush. Their powerful pump nozzle make pressure washers blast water in a forceful spray, this gets rid of dirt and grime.

Equipment List:

  • Pressure washer

  • Broom

  • Detergent

  • Hose adaptors

  • Safety goggles

  • RCD Adaptors

Which pressure washer is best for me?

If you’re thinking about buying a pressure washer, consider how much you’re planning on using it, if your only going to use it for 1 wash; you may find a cheaper method of hiring one instead.

How to pressure wash a patio:

Step 1:

  • Remove all the patio furniture and make sure nothing else is on the patio.

Step 2:

  • Use a broom to sweep away leaves, dirt and any loose debris.

Step 3:

  • You can now connect your hose and make sure the water is running smoothly before you begin. Allow the water to run through the machine to remove any air locks. The house should be a minimum of 7.5m in length and ½ inch thick. In order to connect your hose you will require two universal connectors and a tap adaptor for your garden tap.

Step 4:

  • Connect your pressure washer to the mains electricity supply and then turn it on to pressurise the system.

Step 5:

  1. Now before you commence cleaning your patio, apply detergent to the surface in order to help dissolve dirt and make the patio easier to clean – this is optional. Select your detergent carefully, some will help reduce dirt build up, and there are specific detergents for stone, wood and vehicles. Each is specially designed to suit the task.

Step 6:

  • Most pressure washers come with a rotary pencil het nozzle that can provide up to 80% more power. This is best to use for removing the most difficult dirt and lichens. Please note that the increased power means it should only be used with hard surfaces such as stone or brickwork. Surfaces such as wood or vehicle paintwork may be damaged if cleaned with this type of nozzle.

Pressure washing decking:

In order to clean your decking, follow the same process as cleaning a patio. Note that step 5 mentions about specific detergents for woodwork. Investigate into the correct detergent as it will protect your decking from UV damage whilst dissolving dirt. Also note that in step 6, rotary pencil jet nozzles are not suitable for wooden surfaces, most machines will come with a variable pressure lance where you can correctly reduce the pressure.

Top tips:

  • If using an extension cable, it’s advised that it should be no longer than 10 metres in length and have a constant rating of 13 AMPS.

  • Always wear safety googles and use specialist detergent for the correct material.

  • Take care when using the washer near plants.

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