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Your Guide to Buying a Drill

Drills are a DIY necessity, now there’s more choice than ever. There are many different speeds and features to choose from, this blog will help you identify the perfect one for you.

Trill types

Corded – Corded drills are perfect for heavy work and more experienced DIY fanatics. They work well, if used frequently, on more demanding jobs. As they are corded, you won’t run out of battery mid-job, and offer features not available on most cordless drills.

Cordless – Cordless power drills are great for both experienced DIY’ers and novices. With a rechargeable battery, Cordless drills are less powerful than Corded drills, but are lightweight, easy to use and can be used almost anywhere. You may want to consider investing in a second battery if you are participating in long jobs.

Battery Type

If you are investing in a cordless model, the type of battery needed should be considered.

Lithium-ion batteries – small and light, holds longer charge, meaning no need for frequent charging time between jobs.

Ni-cad batteries – Bulkier and heavier. Tend to be cheaper if you’re on a tight budget.

Drill Power Ratings


Cordless drills come with a voltage rating. The higher the rating, the more powerful the drill. A higher voltage will make drilling and screwing easier, meaning you will finish the job quicker.

A higher voltage usually means a heaver battery. However, a bigger battery doesn’t necessarily mean the drill works for longer.


Higher wattage gives more power. This is perfect for heaver jobs and means they can work longer without the risk of overheating.

Generally, the higher the voltage or wattage, the more expensive the drill will be. For more information, call Thompson and Parkes: Kidderminster 01562 745881 or Oreton 01746 718 29201562 745881

Chuck Size and Type

Cordless or Corded, chuck size and type is important to consider. The chuck is the part of the drill that holds the drill in place. There are three types:

Keyless – Most drills come with a 13mm chuck, this makes it easier to change the drill and screwdriver applicants without using specialist tools. This is useful if you need to change drill bits regularly.

Key-operated – Tightened using a locking chuck key. Changing applicants takes longer but is more securely in place when locked. This prevents slipping when drilling through hard materials.

SDS – Quick-locking keyless bit system for higher specification models. Ideal for drilling into hard materials, such as concreate.


Different gears let you do different things better. For general drilling, 1 gear is perfect, the simplest and cheapest drills usually come with a single gear.

It is worth paying extra for a drill with a second gear if you want to use your power drill as a screwdriver. This is because different gears do different things better. For example, the first gear offers a greater twisting force (torque) at lower speeds, giving a greater control when driving screws. A second gear is for drilling with a lower torque speed.

Variable Speeds

Single-speed power drills aren’t suitable for all drilling jobs. If you need a drill that can be used on a variety of materials, invest in a drill with various speed controls.

The speed is important for the overall performance. For precision jobs, a variable speed drill will enable you to start slowly and increase the speed gradually. Drills with ‘fast stops’ will give you more control and accuracy, as the drill will stop quickly when the trigger is released.

Hammer Action

A common feature on drills is the hammer action. This is for drilling into heavier and harder materials, such as masonry. This makes drilling much quicker, as it strikes the material.

For more information on what drill you should buy, visit one of our stores, or call us: Kidderminster 01562 745881 or Oreton 01746 718 29201562 745881

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