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Prepare your home or business for rain

A little rain is a valuable resource to keeping your garden in bloom. A lot of rain, however, can cause a lot to worry about. Extreme weather conditions can cause serious damage to your home and in turn create unexpected costs and hassle.

These problems can be avoided by following Thompson & Parkes simple tips.

Protecting the outside of your home/business from the elements is the first step in preparing for bad weather. Consider the condition of your roof and gutters to evaluate whether any repairs need to be made and store away garden furniture and tools.

Secure your Roof

Don’t wait until water is pouring into your home by way of a leaky roof.

Make sure your roof is in good condition, walk around your home’s exterior, inspecting the roof from the ground for signs of damage, aging and sagging. Take notes where there is closer inspection needed. Check for missing tiles and cracks in the chimney.


Gutters are an essential part of your roofing system. The purpose of the gutter is to collect and funnel away any water than lands on the roof, taking water away from the buildings foundations, protecting your exterior surfaces and stopping water from entering your home.

If water starts to penetrate your home, woodwork can perish, mould will begin to grow & then condensation begins to form and brickwork will erode.

Check the guttering isn’t broken or leaking and clear out any leaves or other debris – this will reduce the likelihood of blockages.

Sheds & Storage

Garden equipment’s and power tools can be damaged in the wet weather. To keep your furniture looking its very best for longer, store it in dry conditions.

Internal Preparation

Draught proofing

Prevent rain, wind and dirt from coming into your home with our range of rain bars and deflectors, just attach to the bottom of your door to deflect rain and dirt.

Also available for the bottom of doors are brush seals, sealing against, smoke, odours, draughts.


When the rain starts, it’s usually a sign that we’re entering into a period of bad weather. Some simple rain can soon become gale force winds. Insulating hot water tanks and pipes will keep your water hot for that nice long bath after a day of battling the elements.

Here at Thompson & Parkes we are happy to talk you through the best solutions and products to help prevent the damage brought to you by extreme weather. Pop in to talk to us or call us on: 01562 745881

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