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Our buyers guide to exterior paint

Want a to freshen up your outdoors? Why not bring a splash of colour and get creative with your outdoor space with an exterior paint.

There three types of exterior paint – those for wood, masonry (brickwork and metal.

Exterior Wood Paint

Suitable for wooden sheds, fences, decking, garden furniture, garden storage, playhouse and other structures.

When protecting and colouring exterior wood, there are four option to choose from: paint, stains, varnish and oil. Many of these products are created especially for certain areas or tasks, so explore our range to find the right one for your project.

Wood paint is opaque and can add some colour to your garden and is available in a huge range of colours. We have a range of paints here at Thompson & Parkes which are designed to survive the elements and some a resistant to cracking and blistering.

Most are quick to dry and can be re-coated after eight hours.

Wood Stains

Fantastic for new garden furniture and decking, wood oils nourish the wood and protect the finish. Available in different colour options they replace the woods oils which are lost through exposure to the weather.

Wood Varnishes

Wood varnish offers you more protective on your doors and windows, giving you a natural wood finish.

Varnish can be applied to wood that have previously been varnished or stained.

Exterior metal paint

Suitable for metal railings, gates, shed, garden furniture, garden storage and drain pipes.

We stock metal paints that can be applied directly onto galvanized metal or onto rust with minimal preparation, as well as multi-purpose paints suitable for a wide range of products.

Direct to galvanized metal paint

This is for non-rusting metal surfaces such as galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and brass. It’s formulated so that it can be directly applied without primer and is available with a built in topcoat too.

Direct to rust metal paint

As the name suggests, this paint is for use on metal surfaces without the need to fully remove the rust. You won’t always need a primer, but will need to clean and sand down the rusty area before application.

Multi-purpose/Interior and Exterior metal paint

Perfect for painting metal inside as well as outside your home, this versatile option protects and revitalizes the metal in your garden. We offer a range of both quick-drying water-based and more traditional solvent-based paints.

Exterior Masonry Paint

Suitable for exterior house walls, garden walls and garages.

Masonry paint is available in either a smooth or textured finish. Masonry paint can be used on stone, concrete, smooth or roughcast rendering, pebble dash and most brickwork.

Exterior Paint Finishes

There are three options of exterior paint finish to choose from: gloss, satin and matt. For the highest level of sheen, choose gloss, while matt offers more of a flat finish. Satin is a happy compromise between the two.

Here at Thompson & Parkes we stock a range of exterior paints to fit you needs! Pop in to talk to us or call us on: 01562 745881

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