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A Guide To Buying Brick and Stone

Pinch Punch, it’s the first of the month! Here at Thompson & Parke’s, we wish you a happy September!

This September make the most of the dry weather (fingers crossed), and achieve those outside projects before winter arrives.

Today we will be giving you our top tips when buying brick and stone for your projects.

You can build your garden wall from bricks, reconstituted stone and natural stone.

Bricks can be rough or smooth and they come in a range of colours and styles. They are the cheapest material for a garden wall.

Brick Types

Bricks come in all different, sizes, shapes and durability levels. The majority of bricks are solid and can have flat surfaces or a ‘frog’ (a dip) on one face. Some bricks also have holes through them.

Common Bricks

Mostly cheaper and less attractive than other bricks but when laid they won’t be visible.

Facing Bricks

Available in a wide mixture of colours and textures, this is the type used the most to build garden walls.

Engineering Bricks

These are strong and heavy bricks which are normally used underground, mainly for manholes or foundations.

Wall Tiles

These are laid in the mortar as the wall is built. The material of this is often stainless steel strips or galvanised metal.

Specials and Coping

‘Specials’ are bricks used for decorative brickwork as they fit corners and angles.

‘Coping’ can be made of stone or brick and ensure the water runs off the wall rather than soaking into it. Coping bricks come in various widths and shapes with some attractive patterns to suit different thicknesses.

A Guide to Brick Grading and Durability

F2 category -Completely frost-resistant

F1 category brickwork - Moderately frost-resistant

F0 category - Not frost-resistant, for internal use only

S2 category - Low salt content, suitable for most uses

S1 category - Not suitable for foundations or retaining walls

Types of Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone can be bought from quarries or reclamation yards. It is often quite expensive. Natural stone is classed as rubble or undressed stone. Semi-dressed stone is cut into blocks with uneven surfaces. While fully dressed stone is machine cut and often smooth.

Semi-dry Stone

Building a wall used dry stone is tricky and you’ll need to be careful that they’re stable without needing mortar to bind them. Semi-stone walls look familiar but have hidden mortar joints.

Reconstituted Stone

Building with reconstituted stone gives you a similar look of a dry-stone wall but it in a smaller timeframe, and it’s incredibly less costly! It comes in all kinds of finishes and colours.

Pitched Walling

These constituted stones have a rough and uneven face. You can buy them in a range of natural shades.

Composite Block Walling

They don’t need pointing and the blocks are simple to lay.

Composite Dry-Stone Walling

These a straightforward to lay as they are slate-effect blocks which are locked together.

For all your brick and stone requirements contact us today for the best prices in Kidderminster!

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