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10 Tips For Saving Water

Here at Thompson & Parkes we do our bit to cut water usage. We have everything you need for you to do the same!

Why not pop in and see our range of water butts to start saving now!

Saving Water Matters

Even if the UK doesn’t seem to be in short supply right now, using less water means you;

  • Reduce energy use – Cleaning waste water formerly known as ‘grey water’ is an energy intensive process and so is heating the hot water that comes out of your tap.

  • Save money – By cutting back on the amount of water you use, it could save you a few pennies!

Want to know how? Follow these top 10 tips!

  1. Fix a dripping tap – dripping taps can waste up to 15 litres a day which is 5,500 litres of water a year!

  2. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth – You could save up to 6 litres of water per minute!

  3. Take a speedy shower – Showers can use between 6 – 45 litres per minute!

  4. Get a water meter installed – When you’re paying for your utility provider for exactly how much water you use, laid out in an itemized bill – There’s a reason to waste far less.

  5. Install a water butt to your drainpipe – Use the water collected to clean your car, water your plants, clean your car and wash your windows! Want one now? We stock them!

  6. Use a cistern displacement device in your toilet cistern to reduce the volume of water used in each flush.

  7. Fill a jug with tap water and place it in your fridge – This will allow you not to run the tap running before it runs cold.

  8. Always use full loads when using your washing machine or dishwasher – This helps cut down on unnecessary washes in between!

  9. Use a watering can to water the garden instead of a hosepipe. A hosepipe uses 1,000 litres of water an hour!

  10. Invest in water-efficient goods in your household such as water-efficient taps, toilets, showers, washing machines, dishwashers.

Need any more tips? Come and see us & we'd be happy to help!

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