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Get Your Roof Maintenance Done In The Summer Months.

Today we are talking about the two most commonly used types of roof materials and their respective benefits.

Slate Roofing Materials

Slate is a form of sedimentary rock which is made out of volcanic materials and other substances such as clay. These materials are usually compounded into the earth’s crust for a prolonged period of time and produced over the years under high pressure and extremely high temperatures.

It is one of the most ancient materials used for building roofs and widely preferred in the roofing industry because of its extraordinary features and credible nature. It is robust and has waterproof properties. Slate is also flexible which means it can be easily molded into any desired shape. Most of the roofs you see today are made up of rectangular shaped slates. Big pieces of slate are cut down to small rectangular sheets by manufacturers – this is a relatively easy job.

Generally, slate roofs last longer. However, when you come to replace it is often too expensive to replace again if there is trouble.

Certain areas are tied with planning laws to maintain a uniform architectural character for the buildings in the area. According to these laws, only a certain type of slate is allowed to be used on the roofs. It is extremely hard to find a specific type of slate and only a few contractors are available who are usually willing to undertake limited projects.

Roof Tiling Materials

The most common material used for making roof tiles is clay, although other materials used are hard wearing substances such as, glass or ceramic. Roof tiles made out of clay must always be treated with a weather resistant strong glazing coat.

For hundreds of years, people have been using tiles to construct different kinds of roofs. From then to now, people of continued to invent a wide range of designs and sizes of roof tiles.

One of the most fundamental types of roofing tile is the flat tile, these tiles are perfect for the seamless and robust layering for any form of roof. In the 70s, flat tiles were widely used for the creation of roofs, and they still are used now.

Other commonly used type of roofing tiles are the single lap and roman tiles. Single lap tiles are shaped in the form of the letter ‘S’, they are very distinct and create a visual appealing pattern to the roof where they are laid. On the other hand, Roman tiles are provided with curves at two of its edges which contribute to a special property of these tiles, which enables them to provide strength during the interlocking process as they are laid on the roof.

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