Your Guide to Buying an Electric Screwdriver

A quick guide to help you understand which screwdriver is best for you. Choosing an Electric Screwdriver. Electric screwdrivers offer great power, more precision and versatility. One of the handiest pieces of DIY equipment you’ll own, perfect for putting up shelves, bookcases and much more, we guarantee you won’t regret purchasing an electric screwdriver! Visit one of our stores, in Kidderminster and Oreton, or give us a call at 01746 718 414, Oreton, or 01562 745 881, Kidderminster, for more information. How Much Power Does an Electric Screwdriver Need? The amount of work you’re planning will rely on the electric screwdriver you buy. Electric screwdrivers with a higher voltage tend to be mo

Your Guide to Buying a Drill

Drills are a DIY necessity, now there’s more choice than ever. There are many different speeds and features to choose from, this blog will help you identify the perfect one for you. Trill types Corded – Corded drills are perfect for heavy work and more experienced DIY fanatics. They work well, if used frequently, on more demanding jobs. As they are corded, you won’t run out of battery mid-job, and offer features not available on most cordless drills. Cordless – Cordless power drills are great for both experienced DIY’ers and novices. With a rechargeable battery, Cordless drills are less powerful than Corded drills, but are lightweight, easy to use and can be used almost anywhere. You may wan

How to Fit Wall Plugs

Wall plugs are essential for hanging anything on your walls. A screw without a wall plug won’t support heavy hangings. Wall plugs expand to securely grip the sides of the hole you have drilled. They are most useful when hanging cabinets, mirrors and shelves, without damaging your walls. To find out more about different types of wall plugs, and which screw goes with which plug, read out Thomson & Parkes blog. Alternatively, you can give us a quick call on 01562 745 881. Tools you’ll need Masonry jobs – a power drill with hammer action is needed (e.g: combi, hammer drill). Remember to always choose plugs, screws and drills all of the same size. Safety note Check first. There could be pipes and

Buyer’s guide to nails, screws and wall plugs

As a DIY beginner, or as an expert, screws, nails and wall plugs can be difficult to understand. Before starting any job, make sure you know exactly what to use. Nails Nails come in all different shapes and sizes. For outdoors, use zinc-plated galvanised nails – they help to delay rusting. Types of Nail Clout – For fixing slates and window sash cords. Felt nail/large-head clout – For attaching roofing felt. Shorter than the clout nail. Cut floor brad – To fix floorboards to joists and has a rectangular cross section. Lost-head – Can be punched below the surface with a pin punch. Round head. Masonry nail – Grips well in breeze blocks and bricks. Used for fixing wood to masonry. Oval wire nail

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