How to repair a leaking roof

There are different types of eaves and verges that protect the edges of roofs where they meet the house walls. This is where guttering is attached to drain water that falls on the roof. Flat roofs are usually covered in bituminous-based asphalt or roofing felt, and tend to have a shorter life than pitched roofs. If you have a problem with your flat roof it’s best to get a professional to look at it. How to patch a tear in roof felt You can fix tears in your roofing felt by putting a new patch underneath. But make sure you check the instructions and leave enough time for the sealant to dry before sticking the new patch down. Step 1 Lift the torn edge of felt and spray roof and gutter sealant

Is your home or business ready for snow or ice?

It’s that time of year when the temperature starts to drop which means ice and snow starts to make an appearance. Here at Thompson & Parkes we’ve created some practical tips that can help protect your home for the cold weather! The cold can cause many issues both inside & outside the home so it’s important to make sure your home is protected. Insulate your pipes Outdoor pipes can freeze or even burst in times of cold weather after a period without being used. Before the cold weather sets in check for water pipes that run close to outside walls, as well as pipes in unheated spaces or garages where they will get cold as these are most at risk of freezing. Pipes inside your house put fibreglass

Prepare your home or business for rain

A little rain is a valuable resource to keeping your garden in bloom. A lot of rain, however, can cause a lot to worry about. Extreme weather conditions can cause serious damage to your home and in turn create unexpected costs and hassle. These problems can be avoided by following Thompson & Parkes simple tips. Protecting the outside of your home/business from the elements is the first step in preparing for bad weather. Consider the condition of your roof and gutters to evaluate whether any repairs need to be made and store away garden furniture and tools. Secure your Roof Don’t wait until water is pouring into your home by way of a leaky roof. Make sure your roof is in good condition, walk

Our guide to preventing and treating damp

Damp problems are usually most apparent during the winter months, but you can look for warning signs at any time of year. There are many causes for damp in your home, these are the four main issues; Insufficient Ventilation Penetrating Damp Leaking Plumbing Rising Damp How To Prevent Damp and Mould Keep on top of outdoor home maintenance Prevention is better than cure when it comes to damp problems. Check your roof regularly for damage, especially after winter storms. Keep gutters clear and fix or replace especially after winter storms. Keep gutters clear and fix or replace as soon as any damage occurs. Inspect the pointing of exterior brickwork, and if you have any concerns about crumbling

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